We are halfway through September and fall is upon us!  

School has started (finally!) and we are adjusting to busy schedules.  

Between getting the kids off to school, working, and juggling after school sports and activities there never seems to be enough time in the day.  

Take a moment and look down at your feet.   

  • How do your feet feel?  
  • What kind of shoes are you wearing?  
  • How long have you had them?  
  • Is there a nagging pain you have been avoiding getting checked out?  
  • Is there a sport or activity you cannot participate in due to foot or ankle pain?  
  • Has your doctor recommended that you start walking for fitness, but pain in your feet, knees, hips, or back is causing a problem?  
  • When you have a foot or ankle pain do you “Google” your symptoms and self-treat?  
  • Do you listen intently to advice from your friends rather than having your problem evaluated by a professional?  

We all see the dentist twice per year for our teeth.  

Those of us with glasses have our eyes evaluated every year or two.  

Yearly physicals are routinely scheduled.  

Why do we not give our feet the same attention?  

Preventive care can go a long way regardless of your age or level of activity.  

The majority of foot problems I see on a daily basis are the result of a long standing low grade trauma due to the shape of the foot and the way that it functions.  

This is largely genetically inherited, but is also influenced by shoes, activity, body weight, and a multitude of other factors.  

In addition, foot pain can lead to pain in other parts of the foot, the opposite foot and even the knee, hip or back due to the body’s inherent need to compensate by splinting the painful area and shifting weight to another area or the opposite foot.

Here’s Your Next Step

If you are ready to put your best foot forward, come and see me at the Four Corners Foot Health Center.  

I have convenient patient hours and I always make room for emergencies and new patients.  

See you soon!

Dr. Holly Beck

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