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As crawling babies develop into walking toddlers and young children, their legs follow natural and predictable changes in alignment that have them appearing to be bow legged, out toed, knock kneed, and in toed.  

Usually by the age of 6 the legs will appear straighter and by 12 years of age they have assumed their permanent positions.  

There are certain conditions that occur in the feet that mimic these conditions which do not resolve over time and it is important to have your child evaluated.  

Metatarsus adductus

Is a common problem in children and the feet appear to “turn in” when walking.  


Is probably the most common complaint in pediatric patients.  It is the absence of the arch in the foot and can mimic “out toe” gait.  Most children are not evaluated until AFTER they begin to complain of pain when a well child evaluation could be preventative.

Ingrown toenails, Warts, and Athletes’ Foot

Are all common childhood complaints as well and are infections that could progress if not treated in a timely manner

Heel Pain

Is a very common complaint in children of all ages.  The heel bone has a growth center that is attached to the Achilles’ tendon in the back of the heel and a band of tissue known as the plantar fascia in the bottom of the heel.  

These two opposing forces pull on the growth center causing inflammation and pain.  Very active children are the most susceptible. Treatment with anti-inflammatory medications, custom molded orthotics, and stretching exercises generally alleviate symptoms quickly.

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