Ball of the Foot Pain

There are quite a few causes of pain in the ball of the foot.


Under one or more metatarsal heads can cause significant pain in the ball of the foot.  A callous is thickened skin that develops as a result of friction or pressure and is a protective mechanism of the body to prevent breakdown in the skin that could cause an open sore.

Morton’s Neuroma  

Probably the most common.  This is inflammation or enlargement of the nerve that runs between the 3rd and 4th toes although neuromas can occur between any two toes under the right conditions.  Factors that encourage the irritation of this nerve include the structure and function of the foot along with shoe gear, occupation, and activity level.


Is pain an inflammation of the sesamoid apparatus under the big toe joint.  The sesamoids are two small bones that aid in flexion and extension of the big toe.  Increased pressure in the area can cause them to become irritated, inflamed, or occasionally fractured.


Is the inflammation of the tissue around a joint and is common in the metatarsophalangeal joints in the ball of the foot. Some common causes include injury, sudden increase in activity, and long-standing repetitive trauma.

Predislocation Syndrome

If Capsulitis is left untreated it can progress into this.  In this syndrome, the joint becomes weakened allowing for partial dislocation of the joint.  

Plantar Plate Tear

If Predislocation Syndrome  is left untreated it will progress to this.  The plantar plate is a thickened part of the capsule under the metatarsal head that helps stabilize the joint.  Once it is torn, surgical intervention is generally inevitable.

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