Custom Molded Orthotics

Most foot problems are caused by a combination of the structure of the foot along with the way it functions. 

The structure of the foot cannot be changed without surgery, but the function can be altered with the use of functional orthotics.  


An examination of your feet will determine which joints and/or tendons are too loose or too tight, if motion is restricted or hypermobile.  

A set of 3 x-rays will show the structure of the foot and display any contributing pathology.  

Careful evaluation of each patient’s walking pattern, or gait analysis, will further pin point functional deficiencies.  

After these evaluations, each foot is scanned with a laser scanner with the foot in a corrected neutral position and custom inserts are prescribed and fabricated for each unique individual.  


The style and of the orthotic chosen is based on each persons’ preferred shoe style or activities.  

They can be made as a full-length insole replacement or a small, thin plate for closer fitting shoes, such as flats and loafers.  

Orthotics are an important part of the treatment of most foot conditions, as they help maintain a pain free state and can slow the progression of changes in the foot that can lead to pain and dysfunction.

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