Nerve Related Pain

Morton’s Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is the most common nerve related condition I treat.  It occurs when a nerve in the ball of the foot is traumatized by adjacent structures such as bones, tendons, and ligaments.  

The nerve can become irritated and in response, it attempts to protect itself with fibro-fatty tissue that surrounds it.  This can feel like a “lump” under the foot or a “balled up sock”.  

If left untreated the sensation can develop into a burning or sharp sensation with every step.  

Ultrasound evaluation can detect and measure neuroma.  The size of the neuroma and duration of the symptoms will guide treatment which may include injection therapy and custom molded orthotics.


Neuritis is different from a neuroma in that the nerve in question has not undergone any pathological changes.  

Neuritis can occur anywhere in the foot where a nerve is being aggravated or compressed.  Neuritis pain can be numbness, tingling, burning, sharp, shooting, or a sensation of tightness.  

Often times people who are experiencing neuritis have difficulty describing the pain.  Neuritis is generally temporary once the cause of the irritation is discovered and eliminated.  I may require changes in shoes, activity, or custom molded orthotics.


Neuropathy is a pathologic change in a nerve that is irreversible and generally progressive.  The two most common causes in my practice are diabetes and chemotherapeutic agents.  

Chronic Alcoholism is also a known cause along with many spinal cord related conditions.  

In the absence of any of this neuropathy is deemed to be idiopathic which means we do not know the cause.  Treatment of neuropathy varies depending on how advanced it has become.  

Frequent preventative care visits, protective shoe gear, inserts, and daily inspection of the feet will be necessary.  

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